Scotland get £100m to spend on green energy

The Scottish government has been given an additional £100m to spend on renewable energy after a deal was put in place between Holyrood and Westminster.

Scotland has been granted permission to invest around half of the funds available in the UK’s fossil fuel levy on renewable energy sources such as wind farms.

However, while this money is of course a step in the right direction, things are apparently not as rosy as they seem, with Holyrood Finance Secretary John Swinney saying that the move is ‘long overdue’ and that “For too long Scotland’s money has been sitting unspent in an Ofgem account in London”.

Apparently the Scottish government have been submitting proposals to try to encourage the UK government to release the spending allowance, but all we can say is better late than never. Let the renewable energy spending commence!

Hopefully the government can use some of it to ensure renewable energy prices are affordable so it will be achievable for the majority of Scottish homes in future.

Here’s hoping this means wind farms and solar panels are cemented into Scotland’s future!