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Energy Automation – 2013 Breakthrough


First off, a belated happy new year to everyone. Hope you had a great time. 2013 should be another interesting year in the green-sphere and we are looking forward to covering as much as possible.

Speaking of the year ahead, we think that one of the most interesting areas of innovation is going to come from automation and remote access to the energy technologies that shape our lives. Leading energy suppliers already offer smartphone applications with which we can control our energy usage and interact with our energy appliances wherever we happen to be. However, functionalities of these apps are likely to extend further – and the scale of interaction is likely to increase as well.

Smart cities

An interesting example of this is  the ‘Smartcity’ Malaga program (tagged as Europe’s largest eco-efficient city initiative), where the energy company Endesa has provided its customers with 17,000 smart meters – in an effort to increase transparency, energy usage will be updated in realtime, allowing users to track their usage patterns more accurately and enable the company to adjust its supply and demand curves accordingly. We would hope and expect to see projects such as these on UK shores in the not-too-distant future.

Powering our cities more intelligently in 2013?

Powering our cities more intelligently in 2013?

Greenbang have details of an interesting sounding event on this very topic in February, covering topics such as; The smart grid and the automated home, Gadgets you will see in 10 years, Talking to your fridge – connected devices and what they will do, Snail life – taking your home settings with you - well worth finding out more about this if you’re interested.



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