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Energy Doom and Gloom

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Energy Doom and Gloom so Predictable

Well, here we go again. The latest round of energy price hikes, coupled with the UK Government’s somewhat weak response has led to the inevitable ‘we’re all doomed’ stories to appear in the media. The most extreme of these appeared on Yahoo News where a professor is warning of the collapse of civilisation itself unless the problem is addressed. Professor Ian Fells, a long time proponent of Nuclear Power – has sent a warning message to the UK, amongst the dangers he highlights are:

  • Loss of one-third of electricity generating capacity
  • Closure of London Tube and other electrified transport networks
  • Reduction in hospital services
  • Chaos in supermarkets and offices
  • A return to the three-day week scenario of the 1970s (children doing homework by candlelight etc)

Prof Fells also slates current policy as having strong elements of “wishful thinking”, relying on wind power and energy efficiency to meet ‘demonstrably unattainable’ EU green energy targets. Pretty scary stuff, i think you’ll agree.

Green Energy is the future

We can’t help feel that this hysteria is all rather predictable. We freely admit that times are tough at the moment. However, there are differences between the 1970s disaster movie world that Professor Fells describes and 21st century Earth. We now have power generating technologies that could only be dreamed of in the 70s. With proper investment we believe that green energy could eventually power all UK households – although we admit that 2020 is probably out of reach. Now is the time to stand firm and keep pushing the clean energy message.



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